How do I share a Snippet or Group?

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2017 03:19PM EST
This feature is known as Public Sharing, because whatever you share, is visible to all on the internet. 
Easily share your writing with just a few clicks. This feature is available to all subscribers, free and premium. Simply click the Sprocket icon next to any snippet or group and select Share.
Once you do, you'll see the Sharing icon appear on the group (or snippet, if you're sharing a snippet), and a box will appear showing a URL. Click the URL and you'll see your writing nicely formatted and displayed for viewing on computers and mobile devices. Click the Facebook and Twitter icons on the bottom of the shared page to post the link to your social accounts. Copy the URL and email it to your friends. 
The shared view is updated every 10 minutes, so your readers can see as your story progresses. If you decide to Unshare, click the Sprocket icon again, and select Unshare from the menu. Your writing will no longer be shared. It's that simple.  

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