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Last Updated: Feb 28, 2012 05:38PM EST
If, when you go to, you see that your title is listed as "NONE", all you should have to do is reload the page.  If this fails, go to your browsers settings and clear the cache and cookies.  Once done, reload and you should be all set.

If you are logged into Yarny and a snippet is missing words, try checking a previous version.  To do this, select the snippet with the missing work and click the version button (looks like a clock).   Slide the version bar to the left to show prior versions (if the snippet is large, be patient as it may take awhile to load the prior versions - you'll see the slider is greyed out while it is loading). Your missing writing is likely in a prior version. Display the version you want and just start writing on that version. It will become a new, and the latest version.

If you have a snippet with a very high word count (e.g. 20,000 or 30,000 words) you could try splitting the large snippet into a few smaller ones. Every time Yarny saves, it saves the entire snippet, so a very large snippet will take longer to save and has a better chance of being interrupted by a finicky internet connection. Doing so will also allow you to take advantage of Yarny's other features like grouping snippets, tags and color coding.

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